holiday dinner

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, take a moment and think about how winter maintenance may affect your holiday celebration plans. The most frequent home emergency repair in 2016 has been for appliances.  These appliance repairs often spike over the holidays and during cold-weather months when they are used more often.

Emergency repairs are usually the most costly, since labor rates skyrocket during the holidays.

Here are a few suggestions that may help reduce the likelihood of emergency repairs:

Kitchen Appliances: Avoid an emergency during a big family feast by thoroughly cleaning the oven (or grill) before throwing in that holiday turkey or ham.  Nothing ruins a party or creates damage faster than a blaring alarm and a house filled with smoke.  Using your online account is the fastest way to report appliance issues.

Garbage Disposals: Most garbage disposal repairs can be avoided by never placing bones, grease, eggshells, coffee grounds, or potato skins in the garbage disposal.  In the rush and excitement of visiting family members, these are typically stuffed down there during holiday dinners.  As a friendly reminder to our tenants, do not put these items down the garbage disposal.  This will avoid a costly repair from the local plumber — who will be charging double wages since he was pulled away from his family dinner.  Also, homeowners will not cover damages caused from negligence on the tenant’s behalf.

Its also important that tenants do not overfill the garbage disposal or use chemical drain cleaners to unclog it.  Chemical cleaners erode plastic, rubber and metal.  Also, using chemicals leaves the sink with toxic residue that later on will contaminate food being washed in the basin. Garbage disposal problems will be addressed in the Tenant Portal.

Furnaces:  It is easy to forget to replace the furnace filter, since it’s usually hidden in the hallway ceiling and not in plain view.  Be sure to replace furnace filters on an annual basis. There’s no better time than the fall, when the heat is being used more often.  Inform us of heating issues through your account.

Yards:  With all the storms and winds that have already hit this season, have you checked your rental property for dead and dying tree branches?  Not only are they unsightly, but they also represent a possibility for injury. Communicate yard issues, including photos, online.

Should you suspect any issues, please, reach out to our office via the Tenant Portal.  This is the fastest communication method, and will reduce the likelihood of experiencing a glitch during your holiday gatherings. Note: homeowners will not cover damages caused from negligence on the tenant’s behalf.