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Axis Hard Money Loans | AZ Real Estate Management and Investments

Axis Hard Money Loans


Axis Property Advisors takes great pride in providing our investors the best hard money options in Arizona. We are pleased to announce that now you too have access to our programs, Whether you’re looking at owner occupied or for investment properties, short term or long, fix and flip or buy and hold, we are confident we will meet your needs. Please take a look our basic program outlines and then call for further details.


Axis Loan Programs: 

10.99% + Origination Fee* + 3 points + $30 monthly account servicing fee for loan servicing.

12.99% + Origination Fee* + 2 points + $30 monthly account servicing fee for loan servicing.

14.99% + Origination Fee* + 1 points + $30 monthly account servicing fee for loan servicing.

16.99% + Origination Fee* + 0 points + $30 monthly account servicing fee for loan servicing.

  • Call Jason Sellers at Axis Property Advisors for details, 602.614.5590.
  • All programs subject to change.
  • Typically loans are up to 70% of purchase price.
  • Higher loan to value financing available upon review and/or with additional collateral.

 *The administrative fees of $1500 include the following:

  • Underwriting ($395)  In underwriting we review the purchase contract and any applicable addendum’s, appraisal, credit report, the flood certification report, the application, back up documentation, all to determine if the loan is an acceptable risk.
  • Document Preparation ($325) Is the preparation of your loan documents for closing.
  • Lender Inspection ($245) The lender makes a site visit to the subject property and neighborhood to determine if it is the kind of property we are comfortable with as collateral for the loan.
  • Loan Application ($535) Is the gathering of all information and data, discussing your different loan options, evaluating your circumstances, evaluating collateral, and determining which program is right for you. It is also to pay for us to obtain a preliminary title report, work with the title company, work through title issues with the escrow officer, work with Realtors, insurance agents, appraisers, gathering up borrower’s documentation.

If you’re not sure which of our hard money lending programs will work for you? Call us at 602.614.5590