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So what are some of the Tenant Obligations?  Maintain & Report. To help get us through the Summer!!!! | AZ Real Estate Management and Investments

Tenants are typically responsible for ensuring their property stay sanitary, clean and in good repair. We as the landlords and management companies are not responsible for repairs caused by the tenants own carelessness.  However, AXIS PROPERTY ADVISORS will help send out our professional services for all maintenance issues. We receive better pricing. If it is deemed the responsibility of the tenant we will and do add these charges to the tenants ledger. The tenant may be held liable for additional damage that would not have occurred had the tenant made a timely complaint. Here are a few tips to help maintain your living spaces:

Dishwashers-— they need to be run at least once a month to prevent foul odors.Please don’t use them for storage.  It’s important to clean all dishes before putting them into the washer. This helps with a running smooth cycle and preventing odors and plumbing issues. Take care in opening and closing the dishwashers.

Vents & Air Duct Registers,  they need to be wiped down at least once a month to prevent dust build up. This helps to keep the dust and dirt from returning.  This includes the washer dryer areas too. Look at the vents, make sure they have clear airways.

Air Filters-–  This is probably the most important.  Tenants need to change the air filters once a month.  A good idea is when rent is due, change the filters, this saves on costly repairs to AC units, which some of the monies could be tenants responsibility.  This helps to keep units in good working order.

Carpets and Floors-  Over the past year we have seen tremendous wear and tear on carpets.Ensure that the floors are being swept and washed, and the carpets are being vacuumed and with cleaning if there are spots etc.  All of this helps with health & the life of the floors and carpets, Ensure that we are not dragging things over floors, If you have pets which we love pets, make sure that the carpets, vents and all are being kept clean.

HOA –Avoiding HOA Fines & Violations –-Bring in all trash receptacles within 24 hrs. Usually they are to be kept out of plain sight when storing.  Keep foliage, trimmed away from the house and public utility access. Landscaping is usually the tenant responsibility per leases.  You do need to water, maintain the landscaping. HOA’s have the right to access public utilities without giving notice. The tenant is responsible for standard living rules. ( This does not include painting the home.) We at AXIS will notify you by phone, email and a hard copy sent to you of any violations. If there is a fine assessed, this does get added to the tenants ledger. You can always check with the office regarding any issues of HOA regulations.  We are here to work with you.

So many of you ask for things to get done which is great, however it’s imperative that you report all maintenance issues immediately.  This means if you notice a toilet is running and running you want to get that work order in right away. This gets the problem fixed, and no increased water usage.  ( I know I know you are thinking geez, I put a work order in for screens, new carpet, paint, some of the items requested are not material maintenance. We present all WO;s to our owners for review,some of those requests are done and some are not. Please know we try to accommodate all needs and wants. We do pride ourselves in providing service within 24-48 hrs. The Vendors, call our tenants directly to set up service times. We pay for those services, AC units, broken garage doors plumbing those our the responsibility of our owners as long as reasonable care is provided while living in the home.  You can always check with the office with work orders, go online look at them etc whichever is easier for you.

Let’s all work together to maintain our living spaces. We want you to love where you live, feel safe and know that we are here when needed. Any questions, we are always available at  602 -614-5590 or you can email us at mgmt@axispropertyadvisors.com.

Let’s have goals of maintaining our properties together!!!!!