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Various Ways To Select A Real Estate Professional | AZ Real Estate Management and Investments

It’s time to sell your home.  How do you proceed? It’s important to do some research in selecting an Agent.  You need to ask some questions. 1. How long have they been an agent? 2. What are the fees associated with selling a home? 3. Do they have vacation planned during your process? 4. Do you & the agent have personalities that mesh? 5. Does your agent listen to your wants & needs?  Any agent can do anything, but some have more experience. Look for agents who can explain the process, how it works and what is required. This includes, properties, contacting, title, loan processes, & inspections. They should be able to provide you with information to make clear decisions when buying & selling a home.

After Selecting an agent, discuss the parameters of their expertise, you need to see if you can speak with other clients to learn if they were satisfied Make sure that you look up their license to see if there is anything against them. You might want to know if they work alone or on a team. The benefits of a team is you have more access to them as questions come up or for viewing properties. Do they live in & know the area you are interested in? Remember they are working for you & must do things in your best interest. It’s important to know what is required of you & what you require from them.  Establishing the relationship with both parties, can make the process easier & faster. Communicate all wants & needs & know what is required & expected..

Some of the most important things when you are ready to select an agent is, competitive buying & negotiation skills.  Do they know what they are talking about?  Can they get the best offer for you?  Do they only associate themselves with money?  Remember you are about to spend a great deal of money for an investment of a lifetime. You must make this count with confidence in the person you work with & who has your best interest at heart. The most important thing in choosing someone to work with you on buying a home is do they have the desire to see it to the end? You don’t want to be looking doing paperwork, applying for loans, putting money down etc. if they are not willing to CLOSE the deal for you.

Do your research. It’s important to not fall for the quick easy scams. Selling a home as is, no commissions, closing dates, etc. You must read all fine print, often the terms of agreements, change in the end, there is a 10% fee for paperwork, the home isn’t really as is, until they come back & do inspections then all of a sudden the offer is reduced because of things wrong in the home are found, terms are not clear. Fine print is misleading. Spend your time & do due diligence to find the home that you will love & see yourself & your family creating memories in. It’s mandatory that you see buying a home as an asset. It will be the biggest purchase you make.

We at AXIS PROPERTY ADVISORS, have an Experienced Broker, & agents to help you fulfill this once in a lifetime long term goal.  We are available to you all, please contact us for more information.  We look forward to working with you!!!!!!