The Biltmore area is known as an upscale neighborhood and financial district located in central Northeast Phoenix, Arizona. It is the most acclaimed neighborhood in the location mainly because of its location. Get to know the Biltmore area in this article.

The Biltmore is at the intersection of 24th and 32nd streets, north of Camelback Road. This neighborhood is considered as one of the city’s most coveted residential areas. It is place where pristine homes measure up with the bustling shopping center, the prestigious Biltmore Hotel, and two 18-hole championship golf courses.

The Biltmore area is the kind of place people from all over the world would see as a vacation destination but imagine yourself calling it your home sweet home.  

Residential Area

The New York Times calls the Biltmore neighborhood as the “elegant desert t dwelling with a Midwest touch”. It is probably the most accurate description as Biltmore is actually located in the desert, and it exudes a Midwestern charm.

The Biltmore neighborhood is teeming with green grass and laden with mature shade trees. Other attractive aesthetics include bubbling fountains, rose gardens, palms, and features some of the most gorgeous homes in the valley.

It is not lacking in a colorful history either. In the middle of the residential area is the beautiful Arizona Biltmore, a castle-like hotel and resort which was built by Albert Chase McArthur, a student of Frank Lloyd Write. It was opened in 1929. Guests included presidents of the United States, even the Reagans had their honeymoon in this world-famous resort.

The prices of the homes are quite high, depending on what one is buying and its location. For instance, a one-bedroom condominium unit may fetch up to $100,000, while a grandiose home can reach up to a whopping $10 million. Most of the homes are in gated communities or some could be holed up behind stately fences.


Biltmore is home to some of the best schools. For instance, Biltmore Preparatory Academy offers the internationally recognized, Dual Language Immersion program.

Shopping and Entertainment

While Biltmore seems to be secluded from the busy streets of the city, the neighborhood is actually close to just about everything. Travelers consider this as one of the best starting points in the whole city.

It boasts of the Biltmore Fashion Park and Shopping Plaza. It is a big open-air shopping destination. Just close by are the Camelback Esplanade, the Town & Country shopping area, and the Camelback East Village Shops. Aside from these beautiful places, there are still a lot of shops to go to. There ever a lot of grocery stores.

All these are within a five to 10-minute drive around the neighborhood. The Biltmore area is also recognized for its 20-minute proximity to everything important in the city. The airport is a mere 20-minute drive. The busy downtown only a 20-minute ride, same goes for the Old Town, Midtown, Mill Avenue, Dreamy Draw, Camelback Mountain, and Arcadia.

Whether you are craving for food, or visit art galleries, or shop all day, the Biltmore area has got all for you.