The history of the North Central Phoenix Corridor starts with the establishment of the Central Avenue area when William J. Murphy platted Orangewood Subdivision back in 1895. This is a 2 sqm area bounded by what they are known today as North Avenue and Bethany Road, just between 7th Avenue and 7th Street.

Murphy’s Concept

Murphy wanted to create a suburb wherein rural homes are built in close proximity to the city. He was convinced that a lot of people will be encouraged to live in Phoenix if they found out about Orangewood Subdivision. His target market were wealthy immigrants and investors to build their own large estate homes surrounded by citrus groves.

The subdivision was divided into 20-acre size lots, the Central Avenue extended through the property, becoming the subdivisions main roadway. Ash and olive trees were lined along both sides of Central Avenue, and true to the goal of Murphy, citrus trees coming from Southern California were planted around the subdivision to make it more appealing to prospective homeowners and investors.

Why are people moving to the North Central Corridor today? Simple, today, North Central Corridor is seen as an extremely desirable neighborhood, stretching from Camelback Avenue on its south to the Northern Avenue on the north.

It is near downtown Phoenix and the historic Murphy’s Bridle Path, which is a well-maintained path which was created in the late 1800s. Murphy’s Bridle Path stretches from Bethany Home Road up to the Arizona Canal, spanning 2 ½ miles. It is a pedestrian and biking trail about 10 feet wide, lined with olive and ash trees. It has become a popular landmark and recreational park for more than 100 years.

North Central Corridor has big ranch-style houses with deeply irrigated lots which are made even more beautiful by lush, grassy yards. There are homes, though, that feature more modern styles now.

The Neighborhood

The residents are wealthy and established business professionals with busy families. This is considered as a friendly neighborhood. Most of the residents enjoy their weekend stroll and ride along Murphy’s Bridle Path.

First time visitors will be treated to a view of cookie-cutter homes with urban-style of living.

A lot of the historic homes have been renovated and completely updated suited for today’s lifestyle. Many of them now have more than five bedrooms, including huge estate yards. Another appealing feature of this elegant neighborhood are a lot of cul-de-sacs conveniently hidden from the hustle and bustle of busy traffic; these are ideal for families with young kids.

Potential homeowners are particularly attracted by the mere 10-minute commute into downtown Phoenix. Public transportation is not an easy because there are buses plying the route and the Valley Metro Light Rail.

North Central Corridor is also in close proximity to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

So, why are people moving to the North Central Corridor? There are a lot of things, aside from the rich cultural history of the neighborhood. It is a safe neighborhood, ideal for families with children. Popular restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and pubs are nearby, like Postino Central, Federal Pizza, Joyride, Lux Central, Maizie’s Café & Bistro, and Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub.