Backyards, patios, and outdoor spaces are the extension of your indoor living space. It’s always wise to consider how the area will be used for activities such as dining and entertainment or simply relaxing in the fresh air. A well-designed patio should allow easy flow for guests and access to the other parts of your home. Whether you want your kids to play, friends to gather around the fire pit, or family to enjoy a barbecue, there is more than one way to have the backyard of your dreams. Consider adding a mix of plants, lighting, stones, and water features to transform your outdoor space into a lovely oasis that fits your lifestyle. The creative use of materials can make a bland, boring area into one that provides beauty and function.

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OUTDOOR FLOORING – The outdoor flooring you choose anchors your design. Outlining different parts of your backyard or patio area can make it pop. Lay some bricks, or stone, or add curbing to your yard to give it structure. A mosaic tile design can beautifully delineate the space.

OUTDOOR ACCESSORIES – To add warmth to those cold desert nights, consider a small fire pit. Add plush pillows, comfortable chairs, and outdoor sofas with wooden accents to complete your cozy respite. A pergola can also add symmetry and an artistic flair.

OUTDOOR KITCHEN – A custom outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests and can be constructed to meet all of your cooking needs – whether you’re a gourmet chef or a weekend “King of the Grill.” It brings the convenience of cooking indoors to your outdoor living space, which means more time spent with your guests.

LIGHTING – Accent lighting can significantly enhance your outdoor space by providing ambience. It’s the extra feature that will transform your landscaping into a comforting nighttime retreat.

WATER FEATURE – Water features contribute to a calming vibe on your patio. It doesn’t matter if your space is small. There are plenty of choices to suit your style. From swimming pools for the kids to artful fountain sculptures, adding the soft sound of water brings instant relaxation.

PLANTS – Thoughtful landscaping always elevates the appeal of any outdoor space. Add color with fresh flowers or patches of green with foliage and grass. Plants improve the aesthetics of a patio space and can create an exotic setting.